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Baggage Policy

Posted by: twayaircms
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General information

From 1 November 2019, Royal Brunei Airlines offers included check-in baggage allowance from 20kg for guests travelling in Economy Class and 40kg in Business Class. Guests traveling within RB Link destinations are entitled to 15kg baggage allowance.

Due to health and safety regulations, a single piece of baggage may not weigh more than 32kg.

Please refer to the table below or your ticket conditions for your entitled baggage allowance. Contact us for more information regarding your baggage!

baggage BI

Pre-Purchased Extra Baggage Allowance

Take your call at 0908-777-738 for detailed information about pre-purchased extra baggage allowance rates or/and excess baggage rates during check-in.

We recommend that you purchase excess baggage before check-in if any.

Baggage Prohibition & Restriction

Guests bring many different items when they travel and may inadvertently carry with them dangerous substances or items that are prohibited or restricted. Some common household items such as drain cleaners, paint, solvents, petrol, gas containers, fireworks, lighters, glues, detergents, bleach and aerosols are potentially dangerous goods.

IATA Dangerous Goods Regulation provides a list of dangerous goods. For the comfort, safety and security of all onboard RB flights, dangerous goods are either prohibited or restricted in your carry-on or checked-in baggage.

The following items must not be carried in your baggage (hand baggage and checked-in baggage):

  • POISONS: Such as arsenic, cyanide, weed killer and tear gas
  • WET CELL BATTERIES: Such as batteries filled with acid (e.g car), batteries filled with alkali (e.g. aircraft) or sealed non-spillable batteries (e.g. wheelchair)
  • CORROSIVES: Such as mercury, acids, alkalis, thermometers containing mercury and wet cell batteries
  • FIREWORKS & EXPLOSIVES: Substances and devices* capable, or appearing capable of being used to cause serious injury or to pose a threat to the safety of aircraft
  • DEEPLY REFRIGERATED / COMPRESSED GAS: Such as butane, oxygen, propane and aqualung cylinders
  • CLASS 2 FLAMMABLE / NON-FLAMMABLE GAS: Such as aerosols including aerosol paints, filled-aqualung cylinders, carbon dioxide cylinders for soda syphons, gas or fuel cylinders.
  • RADIOACTIVE MATERIALS: Such as instruments containing radioactive source radioisotopes for research
  • INFECTIOUS SUBSTANCES: Such as viruses and bacteria
  • MAGNETIC MATERIALS:Industrial strength magnets or magnetized material.
  • AMAGED / DEFECTIVE BATTERIES & IN PORTABLE DEVICES: Lithium batteries that are defective or that have been damaged, have the potential of producing a dangerous evolution of heat, fire or short circuit and are forbidden for transport
  • BAGGAGE WITH NON-REMOVABLE LITHIUM ION BATTERIES: Such as baggage where the lithium battery is designed to charge other devices and cannot be removed, must be considered as power bank.
  • STUNNING / DISABLING DEVICES: Electro shock weapons (e.g. Tasers) containing dangerous goods such as explosives, compressed gases, lithium batteries, etc.
  • OXIDISING MATERIAL AND ORGANIC PEROXIDES: Such as bleaches, resin kits and fiberglass repair kits.
  • HOVERBOARD / BALANCE WHEELS: Small lithium battery powered vehicles such as air wheels, solo wheels, balance wheels and hoverboards.
  • CLASS 3 FLAMMABLE LIQUID & CLASS 4 FLAMMABLE SOLID: Such as lighter or heater fluids, paints, thinner, solvents, petrol and all matches are unacceptable in baggage.
  • FIREARMS & AMMUNITIONS: Devices that discharge projectiles devices capable, or appearing capable, of being used to cause serious injury by discharging a projectile
  • SHARPS: Objects with a sharp point or sharp edge capable of being used to cause serious injury
  • WORKMEN’S TOOLS: Tools capable of being used either to cause serious injury or to threaten the safety of aircraft
  • BLUNT INSTRUMENTS: Objects capable of being used to cause serious injury when used to hit

Any other substance or item which during a flight present a danger not covered above such as offensive or magnetic materials may also be prohibited.
Certain items are exempted such as guests having in their possession prescription medicine which may include medically necessary needles and syringes. A supporting letter from your doctor will be required.

For further detailed prohibitions and restriction, please call Royal Brunei GSA Vietnam at 0908-777-738

Sports Equipment and Special Baggage

For all bookings from 1 November 2019, sports equipment are carried as part of the checked baggage allowance in accordance to the class of travel. The following are allowed onboard Royal Brunei Airlines flights:

  • Snow and/or water skiing equipment
  • Angling equipment
  • Surfboards and/or other surfing equipment (NOT including windsurfing)
  • Bowling balls
  • Golf equipment
  • Bicycles
  • Diving equipment
  • Cricket equipment

It is advisable to carry all sporting equipment as checked baggage as some are forbidden to be carried as hand baggage.


Guests may carry with them urns as hand baggage. The guest must ensure that it is packed in a suitable manner and adequately protected against breakage by cushioning packaging. The package must be stored in the overhead compartment.

The following documents will be required, depending on the departure or arrival station authority:

  • Death certificate
  • Certificate of cremation
  • Authorization certificate from Health Department of Ministry of Health, Brunei. Applicable for guests departing from Brunei (BWN) only.


At the Brunei International Airport, Foreign diplomats and their staff members, and members of certain international organisations, e.g. United Nations, may carry sealed diplomatic bag in the passenger cabin without examination of contents, provided the station staff members are satisfied with authenticity of their seals and the courier’s credentials. Captain in-command is informed of the carriage. However, some other states may require them to be screened.


All guests returning from Hajj or Umrah are allowed additional complimentary free baggage allowance of 5 litres of the Zamzam Holy Water, provided that it is properly and safely wrapped in a plastic covering to avoid leakage and damage to other baggage. This complimentary allowance applies to all passengers travelling on Royal Brunei Airlines (RB), including inbound passengers from other carriers connecting to RB flights.